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Marketing Development Summit

Tuesday, December 1st

9:00 – 11:30am

This Virtual Summit is FREE to all registered participants.

Learn how to adapt your business, its marketing & growth strategies to survive, thrive, and even reinvent through “COVID times”:

  1. Examine the State of the Industry
  2. Understand How Consumer Behaviors are Changing
  3. Plan Your Reactive and Proactive Approaches to Growth in a New Age
  4. Hear from and Talk to Industry Leaders and Experts
  5. Gain Insight on the Exact Questions You Have from Marketing & Industry Experts

* Participants will qualify for free asset-building photography services.

** By registering, I confirm that I am a Rhode Island-based business and understand that this series is provided and funded to support RI-businesses specifically. If I am not a registered Rhode Island company, I may have my registration declined to ensure all efforts are allocated to local businesses.

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