Economic Impact Report

Our mission was to reignite the local tourism & hospitality industry to help businesses stay afloat, plan a future, and even expand despite uncertainty.

KSA Helped Organizations Be Seen



That’s like 65% of the entire state seeing one of the promoted businesses once in the month of December.

Or like every single resident of Providence seeing them over three times each!

  • 33% 33%
  • 66% 66%
  • 100% 100%

They were heard over


through local radio stations.

They were found within


online by people in the state.

They were shared

to thousands through a partnership among KSA, RI Monthly, and supporting local businesses with a special co-created wintertime playcation giveaway.

They were seen

in the streets, on the road, and on social media

over half a million times…

It was about more than an incredible level of exposure.

Full-Time and Temporary Jobs Were Created

KSA created three full-time roles with benefits.

Subcontractors helped execute the project quickly.

Local media outlets were contracted.

This infused the market with $242,000
worth of jobs created and sustained.

Dozens of Businesses Received Support

Workshops shared key insights on the industry, market changes, and steps to respond effectively.

A nearly 100-page toolkit was created to provide a breadth of knowledge for organizations’ internal training.

Up to 90 total businesses received one-on-one technical support, photography service giveaway entries, and even complete marketing roadmap and plan implementations.

Total Service Value

through the various levels of support.

Not a Dollar Was “Spent”.
Each Dollar Was Invested.

We have calculated

in economic impact from advertising alone.

This is $21.74* for every $1 from the grant funding.

*The $21.74 figure was identified in an economic impact report by IHS Global Insight, Inc. and breaks down into the following categories: $8.78 in direct sales, $3.61 in supplier sales, $3.89 in interindustry sales and $5.46 in induced sales.

This doesn’t even include all of the non-advertising activities and the marketing coaching offered and its inherent business results produced.

We Know Making Technical Assistance Grants Pay Off Is No Simple Task.

Fortunately, numbers don’t lie. We’re proud, excited, and energized by the success and compliments received.

But it’s the words of the businesses supported that
means just as much as the numbers making sense…


“Thank you for everything you’ve done for us in promoting ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Tony Estrella

Artistic Director, The Gamm Theatre

Long-Term Benefits

“KSA’s efforts increased my business and got me more leads and bookings than I thought possible during these difficult times. They provided valuable insights and I will be able to continue to use what they taught me moving forward.”

Pamela D'Orsi

Owner, New England Invitations

A Business Saved

“Without KSA, my business would have had to close for the month of December, possibly longer. Thank you to the team that came to my rescue during this very difficult time!”

Louis Augusta

Owner, Stanley's Famous Hamburgers

Remembering our mission was to reignite the local tourism & hospitality industry, to help businesses stay afloat, plan a future, and even expand despite uncertainty…

…the first leg of our trip was complete.

But The Countdown To Economic Recovery Continues








“You can’t rest on your laurels.
You have to continue to innovate.
You have to continue to be different.”

— Keith Belling

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