Website statistics are an essential tool for determining the success or failure of your marketing efforts. Your website traffic dropping off can be caused by a variety of factors but is a major red flag. Figuring out the cause of a change in traffic can be difficult, especially when there are so many options of what the cause could be. Katie and 10 other Forbes Agency Council members have suggestions on what some of the most common causes can be, which are a good place to start when diagnosing the problem.


11. Analytics Software Issues

Plummeting site traffic is usually a technical malfunction. The very first thing you can do is test the analytics software and make sure it is connected properly and that the site is still being indexed by search engines. You could attempt some test searches to see if the site appears on the search engine response page and what might be deterring users from continuing to the site. – Katie Schibler Conn, KSA Marketing

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