Audiences have seen many brands working together to harness the power of partnership brand marketing. It’s certainly not a new concept; for numerous reasons brands have been forging partnerships throughout the decades. Partnerships form for brands to gain additional marketing exposure, and ultimately secure new customers by utilizing previously unexplored channels of communication. Additional visibility is a great benefit, both for increasing brand value and profitability.

This is a smart marketing tool for brands who want to remain competitive in today’s marketing world; sometimes the most successful campaigns are simple. Remember as a kid collecting Disney toys or mini Beanie Babies in your Happy Meal at McDonald’s? The most successful campaigns create strategic alliances for companies that reach areas in which they may not normally compete.

Other examples include:

· Doritos + Taco Bell

· Nike + Apple

· BMW + Louis Vuitton

· Uber + Spotify

· Apple + MasterCard

· CoverGirl + Star Wars (LucasFilm)

A recent promotional partnership was between Wix and Marvel Studios’ new film “Captain Marvel,” released in theaters March 8. The partnership was announced in February with the launch of Wix Turbo, a new series of product enhancements that claim to increase the speed and load times of their websites.

Wix created a co-branded TV spot for the collaboration featuring Captain Marvel herself. In the video, which can be seen here,, the narrator says the changes to the platform are “turbo fast like Captain Marvel – the fastest, the strongest, the most powerful.” Omer Shai, CMO at Wix, said her characteristics — strength, speed, endurance and stamina — are found in updates of the latest Wix Turbo platform.

“Wix is faster than ever before and we wanted that message to resonate around the world,” Shai said. “Who better than Captain Marvel to represent what we have achieved with Wix Turbo. This campaign captures the speed, strength and power that we infuse into our brand and our product. In our eyes, our customers are the real heroes and it is always our goal to give them the power and speed to succeed.”

As the narrator says, “You deserve a turbo site – higher, further, faster. Your Wix site will load Turbo fast.” With 147 million users worldwide, comparing their site upgrades to the strength and speed of Captain Marvel is a great way to position themselves in their social media messaging and also to potentially reach a new audience with their brand. Marvel Studios and “Captain Marvel” both get the name recognition and additional exposure through the Wix audience, making this

partnership a win-win for both brands.