Super Bowl Sunday is more than just a football game, it is also the stage for new commercials. A 30-second ad spot in the Super Bowl this year cost about $5.5 million, so these advertisements have to be the best of the best. Here are our favorites from this year.

Cheetos It Wasn’t Me

Cheetos brought together Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Shaggy. Kutcher uses Shaggy’s hit song “It Wasn’t Me” to accuse Kunis of eating all the Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix, and Kunis replies “it wasn’t me” even though her face was covered in Cheetos dust. We loved this combination of one of our favorite couples and one of our favorite classic songs.

Toyota Jessica Long

Toyota shared the emotional and inspirational story of Jessica Long, one of the most decorated Paralympic swimmers of all time. She takes you through the story of her adoption and how she defied the odds stacked against her. The message behind this ad is there is hope and strength in all of us, which deviates from the usual “everyman” messaging Toyota uses in their branding.

Jeep The Middle

The Jeep commercial resonated for two reasons: the person and the message. This is the first time Bruce Springsteen has ever appeared in a Super Bowl advertisement; he has always adamantly been against being in ads and wouldn’t even allow his music to be used. Jeep was able to get Springsteen to sign on because they gave him the freedom to tell the story his own way. The ad promotes overcoming the divide in the country in 2021, ending with ‘to the ReUnited States of America.

Amazon Alexa’s Body

We can all get behind the idea of Michael B. Jordan being Alexa’s body. Amazon gave us the visual of what it would be like if Michael B. Jordan was in our homes with us doing all the things we ask Alexa to do. We thought it was a super creative idea to give Alexa a body, and they picked the perfect spokesperson to get people talking about the ad.

State Farm Drake from State Farm

The stars truly aligned for this advertisement. Jake from State Farm, Aaron Rodgers, and Super Bowl quarterback Patrick Mahomes get to see who would play their stand-in in an advertisement. Rodger’s has cheesehead guy from past State Farm commercials, Mahomes has Paul Rudd, and Jake gets Drake. We loved the combination of all these celebrities.

Dexcom Nick Jonas

This commercial stood out to us not because it featured a Jo Bro, but because of what it was advertising. During the super bowl, you see a lot of ads from snacks and beer, which made this ad for a glucose-monitoring system was truly one of a kind. This advertisement that was created for such a niche audience was the first advertisement for diabetes technology to ever be shown during the super bowl.

UberEats Wayne’s World Reunion

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reunited to revive Wayne’s Worlds to poke fun at all the ways food delivery companies try to get you to choose their service. They even brought in CardiB to help them promote eating local, and we appreciated this unlikely pairing of celebrities and that they realistically highlighted the way companies try to manipulate you.