If you haven’t built a website for your business before, you probably don’t know the difference between the website builder options, and which one is “the best.” With many of them offering year-long subscriptions, you don’t want to get stuck using one you don’t like. We tested out the most popular website builders for small businesses. Read on to find out which website builder is best for your small business. 


Wix has been described by many as fun and easy to use. After choosing a theme, you can customize your new website by simply dragging and dropping in elements and arranging them however you’d like. You can also use the menu bar to customize tabs, fonts, and size. It’s easy to build a complete website with a home page, about page, contact page, blog posts, a store, etc. The business plan subscription starts at $23 per month, which is more than other website builders. So, if you are determined to pay the lowest price for a website builder, you might want to consider other websites on our list. Reviews indicate most customers are satisfied with the usability, customizability, and beautiful designs. They also indicate there can be a lack of customer service if you end up needing it. 

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If you are focused on selling products or services on your website, this might be the perfect website builder. Squarespace offers all of the features a small online store will need. It has a built-in system that lets you accept credit card payments, track customers, and create gift cards. Website builders usually require you to get plugins to use those features. Squarespace creates beautiful and clean websites with ease. The business plan subscription starts at $18 per month. Customer reviews indicate this website builder is easy to use and great for an e-commerce business. They also indicate it can be a bit of a learning curve, and the search engine can be mediocre. 

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If you are interested in a simpler website builder for a low price, Weebly is the one for you. It has a drag and drop functionality and offers great looking templates for both desktops and mobile. If you are looking for advanced features, you will most likely have to pay extra for them as they are not included. However, Weebly covers the basics for stores that want to attract their customer to visit their store in person. The business plan subscription starts at $12. Customer reviews indicate Weebly is easy to use and perfect for startups. They also indicate there can be a lack of customer support if needed, and some templates may look amateurish.

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WordPress offers every feature you need in a website builder. It has several themes and templates to choose from, and comes with a great built-in blog feature. This website builder has endless possibilities for customization and plugins. You can definitely build a powerful website; however, it seems to cater to more experienced users. WordPress is not the easiest website builder to use. There are a lot of menus and features that can seem complicated at first glance. Of course, anyone can become a pro with practice. The business plan subscription starts at $25 a month. If you want full control over your website, WordPress is the right fit for you. 

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These website builders will make it easy for you to create the digital presence you desire for your small business.