Even as a well-oiled machine at KSA Marketing, we do have things we hate to do and one of them is going back and forth sending over passwords. 

Let me elaborate. 

There are tons of tools, apps, and software in the hands of a marketing agency, and it does evolve over time. New software you want to try, some software you use but are logged in for so long you forget what password you use (ahem, Facebook).

There are times you cannot avoid when you will need to login to your apps again: 

  1. Your laptop fails and you either need to clean it or use another one 
  2. Your browser fails and you need to use an alternative – we love Google Chrome, but sometimes we do need to use Mozilla or Microsoft’s Explorer
  3. Things happen in the office and you need to train a new member to use your marketing stack and need to send each login to your new recruit

What we’ve done in the past is to save the logins manually in a Word or Google document, but then we forget where it is, who has it, or what filename it has. I think we even had a ‘Passwords1234’ document since some team members make a new copy of the document every time they remember they need the login details.

When the password fails though (the login was reset by another team member), it could take anywhere from 30-minutes to a whole day of team communication just to figure out what the updated password is. 


Then we discovered a simple Google Chrome extension that not only saved us from internal arguments of who did what, but it saved us up to 2+ hours of team productivity per week and helped us grow our company year after year. 

While we have tried a few of the competitors, after testing rigorously free and paid options, we do love LastPass and it has helped us tremendously.

If there is one great thing about having LastPass, it’s the ease of use for free and paid versions. This means when we do work with teammates, they aren’t required to have the paid versions – a major benefit when working with contractors.

Our head honcho Katie loved how she was able to figure everything out the first time she used LastPass. With a lot of things on her plate, LastPass makes it easy for her to take advantage of the military-grade encryption and password auditing across the entire password vault (which means sensitive information is far from hackers reach).

Did I mention it is a lot cheaper than other options out there? 🙂

Taking advantage of tools like LastPass definitely means a lot to us. With at least 2 hours of unnecessary work saved, we can spend this time on more meaningful stuff like getting things done with and for our clients. 

That is priceless.