You probably have seen the word IGTV a lot in news articles. Everyone is talking about it, the new generation of influencers are starting to make content for it, and marketers are trying to come up with new strategies to utilize the new platform. So you might be wondering what is IGTV? Why do we need another video streaming platform, don’t we already have enough? We’re here to explain what it is and why you should start setting up your IGTV.

What is IGTV?

IGTV (Or Instagram TV) is a video streaming platform but differs from other existing ones as it is designed for the mobile-optimized viewing of long-form videos. It is an app that can be used alone or in tandem with Instagram.

● Users can upload videos with lengths ranging from 10 seconds to 60 minutes depending on the number of followers that account has.

● When it first came out, IGTV only supported vertical videos, which then spearheaded a whole new format of content creating. Now IGTV allows people to upload horizontal videos, although users still tend to stick to the vertical format since it is more convenient for viewers.

Why IGTV compared to other platforms?

At this point, you might think: “If I want to watch or upload a video, I would go to YouTube since it has more users and allows you to upload videos of any length”. That is true; however, we are living in a world where almost everyone has a smartphone and Instagram and IGTV have designed the app targeting a major market. With the vertical videos that do not push viewers to unlock their screens and turn their phones, IGTV has been receiving positive feedback and reactions from users and viewers alike. Also, with IGTV, users can upload their videos directly from their phones instead of having to transfer between phone and computer.

Guidelines for using IGTV for Marketing Campaigns

Optimize captions and hashtags: Just like normal Instagram posts, a great caption can draw people’s attention and get them excited for the content in the video. Remember to make it concise and intriguing. Also, add as many hashtags that are related to the video as possible. This will give your video more exposure as well as making it easy to show up on others explore page.

Create and add thumbnails for your videos: Viewers tend to check out videos with polished and appealing covers.

Point to IGTV through posts on Instagram: You can do this by either putting #IGTV in your post or providing a sneak peek of the new video. At the end of the 1-minute sneak peek, Instagram will ask the viewer whether or not they want to continue watching the video in your IGTV.

The first minute: The first minute of the video is the most important one. The content in the first minute needs to be interesting enough to make the viewers stay. (What is the video about? Why should the viewer keep watching?)

Caption and Sound: Many people use Instagram when they are in a public place (On public transport, in the waiting room…). For that reason, your videos need to be understandable without sound and the sound should not be too loud either.

Now that you know a bit more about IGTV, you should consider starting an account and create exciting content for your audience. Remember to stay true to your brand and have fun with it!