If you own a business, you probably have a Facebook Business Page. Maybe you’ve also run paid ad campaigns too which would mean you have a Facebook Ads Manager account. You probably also have a Facebook Pixel to track traffic through to your website. With all of these different Facebook assets, why then would you want to go ahead and make yet another account? Hear me out.

I know it seems crazy but creating a Facebook Business Manager Page will actually simplify your life and save you a ton of time managing your business on Facebook. Here’s how.

What Even Is Facebook Business Manager?

Let’s face it, Facebook has a lot of stuff, and it can get annoying bouncing around between all their different tools. Facebook Business Manager is a platform that helps cut out the bouncing by putting all of your Facebook business assets in one place.

Not only that, it helps to separate your personal Facebook profile and your business assets. You won’t need to worry about posting something on your business page that was meant to go on your personal page or vice versa. 

Easy Access for Your Team

Facebook Business Manager makes it really easy to add people to a business account so they can work on any assets you deem necessary. Maybe you have someone who runs your paid ad campaigns and another person who manages your posts and comments. You can give them the access they need to complete their tasks with greater oversight and less security risk.

It also makes it very easy to remove people. So, if employees move on to new employers, there’s no frustrating disentanglement of assets from personal profiles. All you have to do is pop into Facebook Business Manager and remove their access.

Share Access with Those Outside Your Organization

Facebook Business Manager makes it easy to share your business assets with marketing agencies, independent vendors, and other partners without having to give them login information or passwords, and more importantly, without having to give them ownership of the properties. Simply add them through their Business ID, assign them the permissions they need to complete their work, and you’re good to go.

Manage Multiple Business Accounts with Ease

Maybe you have a business, but you’re also on the board of a nonprofit, and you’re in charge of your child’s PTA Facebook page. With Facebook Business Manager, you can manage all of those separate accounts and assets easily in one place. And when you’re ready to give someone else a turn managing the PTA Facebook page, it’ll be easy to give them access to it.


There are a lot of reasons to use Facebook Business Manager, but the biggest reason is security. By separating the assets from personal accounts, it gives an added layer of security and ensures your team will have easy access to your Facebook assets without needing to login as you.