Marketing trends are often fleeting, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least consider them. While some fade within a few months, others stick—and implementing the right ones can do wonders for your business.

If you want to improve your marketing, it’s important to keep an eye on the tactics and tools other brands are experimenting with. From behavior-based communication to the integration of digital and live experiences, here are 10 trends that will shake up the industry this year, according to experts from Forbes Agency Council.

7. A Return To Offline Advertising

My team envisions more “traditional” marketing spends in 2019, as digital and online spaces become increasingly oversaturated. With so much screen time these days, we notice people tuning out things that aren’t the top priority. For younger generations that have grown up in a digital world, physical ads and assets stand out as an extra effort from your brand to connect with them. – Katie Schibler Conn, KSA Marketing + Partnerships