Some of the biggest sports events of the year are already upon us, with families and friends eagerly donning their jerseys, setting up snacks and getting ready to watch the games and ads. In fact, particularly on Super Bowl Sunday, some people tune in just to see the special, spectacular ads.

Many people have their phones, laptops and tablets on hand during the game to comment live about the action and the ads on social media, opening up a whole new vista of marketing exposure. Further, ads featured during a big game are often topics during “water cooler” chat the next day, offering another chance to grab attention while the memory of your spot is fresh.

6. Launch The Beginning Of A Story

One strategy is to incentivize a visit to a specific landing page (for example, “Go to this website after the game, enter your email and be entered to win a prize/meet the MVP.”). Another strategy is to make the aired commercial be the “opening” of your campaign’s story and have app downloads or YouTube channel views help continue your story. – Katie Schibler Conn, KSA Marketing + Partnerships