1. Make It Easy to Subscribe

Post a signup from your homepage or Facebook account

2. Send a Welcome Email.

It’s nice to be reminded why you’re getting an email, and this is your chance to reassure that that good things are in store. You can even send new subscribers exclusive content as your way of thanking them.

3. Design Your Newsletter to Fit Your Brand

Your emails should match your brand’s personality, so… CUSTOMIZE IT!

4. Be Friendly

Use a casual tone in your newsletters, there’s a good chance your subscribers are already in an informal frame of mind when looking at their email. Only send an email if you have something to say.

5. Edit

Even editors need editors. Leave plenty of time for the editing and revision process- once you send something, you can’t go back.

6. Keep a Publishing Calendar

Make time to plan, write, design and send out your newsletters regularly

7. Test It

Different email clients and mobile devices display emails differently so send a test email to colleagues or use a testing program to make sure your emails are going to look good on any type of screen. This will help reveal design mistakes before it’s too late.

8. Tell Subscribers What to Expect

Let them know whether you plan to send company updates or weekly tips. Give them as much information in a disclaimer before they sign up, that way they know whether or not it’s something they’re interested in subscribing

9. Make It Scannable

Your subscribers are busy people, so it’s safe to assume that they are not going to spend hours reading your newsletter in depth. Break up your content into short paragraphs. Include subheadings, images and an additional teaser to the top of your article to let foreshadow what they can expect. Consider adding a ‘read more’ link, so people can continue reading when it’s

more convenient for them.

10. Make It Shareable

Send content that people want to share, and make it easy for them to do it. Include a link to a web version, so people can read it outside your email. Add your social media links/ handles, so that readers can share your content on their own social accounts as well.

to share, and make it easy for

11. Keep an Eye on Your Stats

Learn how to read and understand your reports, so you can improve your newsletters going forward.