Advertising can do wonders for your brand and it can also harm it. Our own Katie Schibler Conn contributed to a recent Forbes article discussing what can damage your brand through marketing and how to fix it. Here at KSA, we are experts at providing an unbiased media audit and reviewing client’s current media strategies and placements.  

We see advertisers make the same kinds of mistakes over and over again.  Just because something is currently trending does not make it the right platform for your brand.  Careful analysis must be done prior to spending one penny on advertising.  It is necessary to answer key questions in order for marketing to in turn provide positive answers. Who are you trying to reach and why?  What is your specific customer’s journey from awareness to conversion?  How do consumers relate and engage with your brand? 

KSA has worked with many clients big and small to help answer these questions and more.  We specialize in reviewing brand messaging and auditing the following:

– Owned social media platforms and paid social media

– Google Analytics

– SEO 

– SEM 

– Paid digital and traditional media 

Once completed, we will then present a summary of findings and insights and discuss next steps in terms of how to better reach your audience and optimize performance.

Give us a call today (401) 681-4900 to better align your media strategies and placements with your brand and business goals, and explore our services page to discover our other areas of expertise.

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From Forbes:

Consumers can have really long memories when it comes to specific events, and if done right, a business’s advertising can be very memorable for its target audience. Many of us still remember old TV or print ads from our childhood because of the feelings and memories we associate with them.

The problem occurs when a business’s ads are lackluster or when the brand’s message backfires and incites an outrage mob. An ad that’s off-color or in poor taste may fade from memory quickly. However, in some rare cases, the hate that consumers have for a company may outlive the controversial ad itself.

11. Poor Placement

Great advertising has a memorable message that connects with a target audience but the placement of an ad is the true art of advertising. Cheap advertising inventory can do damage with less targeted placements, low-value inventory and/or multiple spots running in the same pod/segment. Ensure your media plan is smart, efficient and delivering the right creative to the right audience. – Katie Schibler Conn, KSA Marketing + Partnerships