Successful social media marketing is an essential part of bringing in customers; however, it can be difficult to get right. There are many elements that play into putting out content to reach your audience effectively. Katie along with 14 other experts from Forbes Agency Council offer insights into what you might be doing wrong which could result in low engagement rates. 

11. Having Poor Timing

When you are posting on social media can be just as important as what you are posting on social media. In the COVID-19 era, social media habits are shifting and audiences are tuning in at different times of the day then they used to. Make sure you are considering when your audience is online, so you can put content out at the times they are most likely to see it. – Katie Schibler Conn, KSA Marketing

For more information on the other elements of social media that have changed in the COVID-19 era requiring marketers to adapt to for success, be sure to watch Taylor and David’s blog that breaks down the 6Ws (really 5Ws and 1H) of social media marketing here.