Branding is becoming more carefully crafted as consumers get closer to and want to be able to identify with brands they choose to use. Team KSA has always focused on brand archetyping to help create a consistent voice for our clients and even ourselves. KSA identifies as the hero “archetype” and even goes as far as to look for the characteristics of a hero in the people we work with and our team members. Read the Forbes article where Katie talks about brand archetyping as a way to create a strong brand voice and learn about the methods 12 other members of Forbes Agency Council use for branding. 

7. Identify With A Brand Archetype

Identify with a brand archetype. Archetypes help brands cultivate consistent, strong voices and connect with their audiences on an emotional level by aligning to one of Jung’s 12 archetypes. Identify an ownable brand archetype that resonates with your audience and differentiates from your competition to drive personal connection. – Katie Schibler Conn, KSA Marketing